What We Do

Crist Engineers, Inc. specializes in the planning, design, construction observation, startup, and operations assistance of municipal water supply, treatment, distribution and storage improvements, and wastewater permitting, collection, treatment, and disposal improvements. Crist Engineers also provides general civil engineering, electrical, instrumentation and controls, telemetry, solid waste, and energy related services.

What Our Employees Say

Teague Cooley


“I’m learning a lot more than I would at just a normal job or even at school. More work goes into these projects than you would think. From surveying the spot of the plant to constructing the plant itself, there’s just so much about it…there’s so much to learn. I still have plenty to learn and I’m sure these guys do too.”

Noah Easom


“What I like is a very diverse group of people here. People have different types of personalities, different types of minds, different types of analytical thinking. It really gives you a chance to kind of see everyone else’s perspective and get more than just one professional engineer’s perspective on things.”

Open Positions

Civil Engineer

Crist Engineers is seeking candidates for a position as a Civil Engineer. The candidate should have a BSCE or MSCE with water and/or wastewater experience preferred. Salary is commensurate with experience and skills.
Job Description: Civil Engineer I
Job Description: Civil Engineer II

Electrical Engineer

Crist Engineers, Inc., a civil and environmental consulting firm located in Little Rock, Arkansas, is seeking candidates for a position as an Electrical Engineer. The candidate should have a BSEE or MSEE with water and/or wastewater, power systems and instrumentation and controls experience preferred. The Engineer will lead design efforts and construction support for new facilities and their related infrastructure as well as additions or modifications to existing facilities. A working knowledge of applicable codes and standards is required. Candidates for the position may contact Crist Engineers at 501-664-1552, fax their resume to 501-664-8579, or email their resume to

How to Apply

If you're interested in applying for our open positions, you may contact Les Price at Crist Engineers at 501-664-1552, fax your resume to 501-664-8579, Email your resume, or fill out the form below with your resume attached.

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