3 MG Composite Elevated Water Storage Tank
Hot Springs, AR
City of Hot Springs, Arkansas

Gary Carnahan
City Engineer
P.O. Box 700
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71902
(501) 321-6982


The City of Hot Springs’ water distribution system is in need of additional usable water storage. The City directed Crist Engineers to provide engineering services to size, locate, and design the new water storage tank within its distribution system.

Crist Engineers utilized the InfoWater hydraulic model of the distribution system to aid in the hydraulic design of the new tank. After a general location was chosen, final site selection began. The City of Hot Springs’ municipal airport is located in the middle of town and, thus, in the middle of the water distribution system. As with all new tank approval processes, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must approved the location and height of the tank. This approval process proved to be challenging as several of the first chosen sites were denied by the FAA. Finally, after several iterations, a final site was chosen and approved by the FAA.

The new composite elevated water storage tank will have a total capacity of 3,000,000 gallons. The concrete pedestal will be approximately 60 feet in diameter and the steel bowl will be approximately 115 feet in diameter. The tank will be approximately 180 feet to overflow elevation. The tank will be equipped with a mixing system on the inlet/outlet piping to ensure proper tank turnover during normal operation.

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