Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Arkadelphia, AR
Arkadelphia Water Utilities



David Green, Manager
Arkadelphia Water Utilities
700 Clay Street
Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71923

A Water Master Plan identified the need for certain water treatment plant improvements. This project includes a 10 MGD water supply intake, 24 inch raw water line, an enclosed 10 MGD powdered activated carbon and ballasted flocculation clarification treatment system, chemical feed including converting from chlorine gas to sodium hypochlorite, instrumentation and controls, and baffling a clearwell to increase chlorine contact time.

This project completes the plan to develop the Arkadelphia Water Treatment Plant as a 10 MGD facility. An earlier project designed by Crist Engineers and completed in 2006 increased the water plant filtration capacity to 10 MGD. This project is funded by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund administered by the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission.

Construction Costs



Completed September 2017

Crist Personnel Involved

Stewart Noland
Matt Dunn
Ronson Smith